Target Blu Eye - Being of assistence to emergency services


Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance for approaching emergency service vehicles. Even if such a vehicle is not using its siren and flashing lights. Due to Target Blu Eye you will be warned with an acoustic and visual alert. The signal strength meter on the control display allows you to see at first glance whether an emergency vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.

Target Blu Eye: an eye for safety

Target Blu Eye is based on TETRA technology, in the UK known as the Airwave Network which is widely used for the communication between different emergency services. Due to this highly advanced technology, Target Blu Eye is able to warn you in advance for approaching emergency services, such as:

  • Police cars (marked and unmarked cars)
  • Police motorcycles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire trucks

Due to Target Blu Eye you will increase your own safety, the safety of other drivers and the safety of the emergency services. Please select Product Information for more detailed information about this highly advanced traffic safety system. Please visit our Facebook page for interesting movies! 

CBS Automotive is distributing Target Blu Eye in the United Kingdom: 
T 01223 56 30 30 | E | W

The advantages of Target Blu Eye

  • Warns you for approaching emergency services such as marked and unmarked police cars, ambulances and fire trucks.
  • Prevents unpredictable and dangerous manoeuvres.
  • Increases your own safety and the safety of other road users.
  • Prevents material damage & personal injuries.
  • Indicates whether an emergency service vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.
  • Increases a relaxed way of driving.
  • Compact sized and easy to install.
  • Two years warranty.

New firmware available version V2.0-BE8714 (14 July 2014)!
Go to My Blu Eye to download the new firmware. Click here for the download procedure and click here to read about the modifications in the new firmware.